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The Definitive Guide to the NHS Key Worker Mortgage Program

The Ultimate guide to Mortgages for NHS Staff – All You need to know!

What is the NHS Key Worker Mortgage Program?

 The Key Workers Mortgage Program was a government program that was once available to all NHS employees. Unfortunately this product no longer exists.

 However, you may be eligible for reduced mortgage rates from some lenders. It depends on your role within the NHS.

What mortgage discounts are available to NHS employees?

 To get any of the discount rates available to some NHS staff, you will need to find a lender who offers this because it is a niche market. A specialized mortgage broker would be a good first point of contact.

 It is important to note that the discount does not automatically apply to all NHS employees. In principle, only people in clinical positions are eligible to participate.

Am I eligible for an NHS mortgage discount?

 If you hold a clinical staff position within any of the following NHS trust organizations, you should be eligible for special discounts from some lenders.

  •  NHS GP practices
  •  NHS Direct
  •  Dental practices with NHS status
  •  NHS Ambulance Trust
  •  Psychiatric health and welfare foundations
  •  NHS Primary Care and other care trusts
  •  The National Blood Transfusion Service
  •  The Health Protection Agency


 Unfortunately medical, administrative and housekeeping Personnel are generally not eligible.

How Much Can NHS Staff Borrow?

 Because the amount you can borrow from mortgage lenders is based on your income, not your job title, membership of the NHS is irrelevant to your mortgage calculation. Affordability and solvency are assessed as with any other applicant.

 As a member of the NHS clinical staff, your salary will be between £ 20,000 and £ 45,000. The size of your mortgage is a multiple (usually 35 times) your annual salary. Therefore, your bid ranges from € 61,608 to € 204,579, depending on your number on the scale and your credit rating.

Other Programs NHS Workers Can Benefit from

Shopping Aid

Shopping Aid is designed to help first-time buyers climb the property ladder; However, it is possible to take advantage of it if you already own a home in this program (40% in Greater London), which will increase your deposit to a total of 25%. This loan is interest-free for the first five years. Salaries have access to a wider variety of homes as they only need a mortgage loan for 75% of the property’s value.



As with the purchase aid, NewBuy also requires a down payment of 5, but here you receive a 95% NewBuy mortgage, which is calculated at a below-average interest rate.However, this option also exists when buying a newly built home.



The co-ownership model gives you the opportunity to purchase a property that you would otherwise not be able to pay for by purchasing a 25-75% stake instead of the entire property.

 Buying a smaller percentage of the home results in lower down payments and lower mortgage payments because you borrow less. Property that doesn’t belong to you.


Sales law

Tenants from municipalities and housing associations can sometimes purchase their rented apartment at a significant discount. If you have the option to use this system, your monthly payments and your deposit will be much cheaper. .

What NHS Mortgages Are There?

There are currently no mortgage products designed specifically for NHS employees. Mortgages for NHS employees are largely the same as for any other applicant.

How Can a Mortgage Broker Help NHS Employees Find a Mortgage?

It is advisable to use a licensed and regulated mortgage broker when purchasing a new home, especially if this is your first time home buying, who will provide you with personal advice on the best mortgage deals as well as access to a wide variety of products not available on the main street . The benefits of using a broker include: time savings; Money, stress, and possibly the disappointment of being rejected.

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NHS Key Worker Mortgage Program, NHS Key Worker Mortgage Program

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