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About Mortgages for Doctors & Medical Professionals

At Mortgages for Doctors & Medical professionals we specialise in helping members of the medical professions with all their mortgage needs. 

This includes:

  • Nurse Mortgages
  • Doctor Mortgages
  • NHS Mortgages
  • New Build Mortgages
  • Student Nurse Mortgages
  • Remortgaging to release equity
  • And more…

Speak to a specialist Mortgages for doctors and medical professionals Advisor today.

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mortgages for doctors, Home

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Helpful, Affordable Advice you can trust

At Mortgages for Doctors & Medical professionals our fees may vary depending on your situation and how complex your application will be. This is the best way to keep things fair. Our fees start at £199.00 and we’ll always tell you how much it will cost up front so that you can make a decision. We don’t wait till halfway through the process to tell you how much it will cost. Speak to a specialist Advisor for mortgages for doctors & Medical professionals today.

Find Out How Much You Can Borrow

Try our NHS Mortgage calculator for free! You can use it without needing any personal details.

Our Mortgage Calculator is designed to give you a ballpark idea of how much you may be able to borrow using mortgages for doctors and medical professionals.

If you would like a more accurate amount of how much you may be able to borrow we highly recommend you speak to a specialist mortgages for doctors advisor that can be more precise.

Mortgages For Doctors & medical Staff

Whilst there are not specific mortgages for NHS Staff, you may be able to get mortgages for Professionals.

Mortgages for Doctors & Medical Professionals will often lend you more, or be more flexible. This is primarily due to the steady increases in pay as you get more and more experienced.

You will also find there are Mortgage brokers that specialise in getting Mortgages for NHS Staff. Having a specialist mortgage broker will ensure that your application is packaged in the best way for success. You also have the Government First Homes Scheme which was announced in 2020 that will offer a 30% discount for Key Workers, and I think we discovered recently that the NHS are certainly Key Workers.

Who can Get Mortgages for doctors and medical professionals?

The obvious answer is someone who works for the NHS. The more specific answer would be anyone that works in the following:

  • A GP Surgery
  • An NHS Trust
  • NHS Dental Surgery

There are more, so if you think you may be entitled to specialist mortgages for the NHS, speak to a specialist mortgage broker for mortgages for medical professionals.

What are mortgages for doctors & medical professionals?

There is not a specific mortgage for doctors or medical professionals. However, as we mentioned, there are Professional mortgage products that may fit mortgages for doctors or for people working in the NHS.

The main complication for mortgages for doctors & medical professionals is your payslip. You probably know what all the different aspects of your pay mean. But a lender might not, so having a specialist mortgage broker that packaged your case correctly, to the best lender for you, will increase your chances of success.

What are the best mortgages for NHS Staff?

The best mortgages for Doctors & medical staff are likely standard products open to everyone. Sometimes you may find that a Professional product may let you borrow more. But if you don’t need those higher income multiples it’s likely that a normal high street lender will be best for you.

The main thing is that your application is packaged properly so that the lender understands your job and your income.

What Type Of NHS Staff Mortgages Are Available?

There are lots of NHS staff mortgages out there. They basically boil down to two different types

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages are generally the most common. They allow you to fix the rate of interest of your mortgage for a set amount of time.

This therefore means that your mortgage payments stay the same for that same period.

The only drawback tends to be that they have fees if you want to leave during that period.

Variable Rate Mortgages

Variable rate mortgages covers lots of different types of mortgage like tracker or discount rate mortgages.

They all have one thing in common, they vary.

Your interest rate will go up and down depending on either what the lenders variable rate is doing or what the Bank of England base rate is doing.

Unlike Fixed rate mortgages often there is no penalty for leaving a variable rate mortgage.

Does An NHS Staff Mortgage Have Any Restrictions or limitations?

Lenders often have criteria that you need to meet. However for the NHS you may have even more restrictions.

Your best bet is to speak to a specialist Mortgages for doctors & Medical professionals broker that can help you navigate which lender will be best for your situation.

Is there an alternative to the NHS key worker mortgage scheme?

The NHS Key worker mortgage scheme is no longer available. However, the government has announced the First Homes scheme for NHS Employees which will offer a 30% discount on an eligible new build property if you are a Key Worker.

This will be perfect for NHS staff looking to get a Mortgage.

Are there special discounts on mortgages for NHS workers?

There are no special discounts for NHS workers other than the First Homes Scheme we have mentioned.

The only other specialist mortgages for NHS are the professionals mortgages from the likes of Kensington that offer higher income multiples for Professionals.

What is the Cost Of Buying A House?

When buying a house there is more than just the deposit to consider in terms of costs.

  • Moving costs – You have to pay someone to help you move usually.
  • Transfer fees – Usually these are quite small but some lenders charge a lot to transfer the funds to your solicitors
  • Stamp Duty – This can be quite costly, worth speaking to a professional or the government stamp duty calculator here.
  • Estate agent costs – These are usually to do with selling, not buying.
  • Solicitors – One of the more costly parts so bear this in mind.
  • Mortgage Broker fees – Mortgage Brokers tend to charge fees.
  • Valuation fees – Some lenders charge a valuation fee.
  • Additional survey costs – You may want a more in depth survey, this is usually an additional cost.

How much can you borrow on mortgages for doctors and medical professionals?

Generally most lenders offer up to four and a half times your income. This may vary depending on outgoings as well. Some lenders will go up to five times your income for professionals or high earners.

When it comes to how much you can borrow we recommend you speak to a Specialist Mortgage Broker that can tell you more precisely. Mortgage calculators tend to be inaccurate.

Should I Speak To A Specialist Mortgage Broker?

You should always speak to a specialist mortgage broker in the field you are in. Firstly they will understand your job. But they will also have probably seen your situation on a regular basis as they deal with people in the same line of work as you.